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 Los Angeles Microblading


Los Angeles Microblading, also known as microstroking, is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that creates the appearance of very fine, hair-like marks to the eyebrow area. The results are remarkable.Port City Tattoo is excited to now offer professional microblading application to its list of services and both of our Tattoo Shop locations. Los Angeles Microblading has become increasingly popular due to the natural results with little to no healing time. Whereas, traditional eyebrow tattoos have healing times and scabbing that follow the procedure, our professional microblading services leave our clients with a more contoured and natural looking eyebrow. With results lasting up to 18 months microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, which has made it a hit with those that don’t like the commitment of permanent tattoos pigments. Touch ups may be required down the road depending on your skin tone and the desired look you are trying to achieve.

Los Angeles Microblading

Los Angeles Microblading

Los Angeles Microblading is a newer trend that is steadily growing in popularity in the United States. Port City’s Microblading services are a form of tattooing, but not in the traditional sense. The pigment is only inserted to the very top layers of the skin, which is why it fades over the months. For those that are not fans of traditional cosmetic tattooing due to its permanent results, Microblading is an amazing innovation in cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup options. The microblading pigment is matched to the color of your facial hair or lighter depending on the fullness you are aiming for.

With fuller brows trending, Los Angeles Microblading is an excellent alternative to traditional permanent eyebrow tattoos.

The term ‘eyebrow tattoo’ scares most people away, but Microblading delivers much more natural and fuller results. Full eyebrows are back and certainly a trend that is here to stay. A beautiful full eyebrow can really fill out the face and lend itself to a more exotic or natural appearance. It almost makes it hard to understand why thinned-out eyebrows were ever in-style. If you are someone that has patchy or thinned eyebrows due to over-plucking, waxing, an illness or skin condition, Los Angeles microblading is ideal for you. Our microblading professionals will start with drawing the perfect brow shape to suit your face. Every microblading application begins with a consultation to ensure that your brows will be customized to the exact specification of your features and hair color. Our Los Angeles Microblading professionals are experts at creating the perfect balance of fullness and contour.


Location of Port City Microblading & Tattoo Shop


Located just south of Los Angeles, Port City Tattoo in Los Angeles is conveniently located to all of Orange County and all of the coastal beaches. Travel a little further for the best that Southern California has to offer. Don’t let a thing like distance come between you and quality Los Angeles Microblading services. Just ask the folks at OC Weekly who they think is the best tattoo shop in SoCal….

Both of our Microblading locations are home to an impressive stable of world-class tattoo artists and microblading specialists. It has always been our goal to play host to an eclectic group of tattoo artists. We strive to be the very best Los Angeles tattoo shop that provides our artists with an open forum where they can lend their many talents and experience to create inspirational tattoo experiences for each of our coveted clients.

Microblading vs Permanent Makeup


Microblading Los Angeles

Professional Microblading Los Angeles

So what is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup? The most obvious difference is that one is permanent and one is semi-permanent. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing service that can benefit people from every walk of life without the commitment that comes along with permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos. Tattooed eyebrows are applied with permanent pigments and are more inline with traditional tattooing techniques. There is healing and scabbing, peeling and blistering that can be associated with permanent makeup tattooing. That is NOT the case with Port City’s Microblading in Los Angeles. The issue with permanent makeup for brows is its inability to create the natural and full look that microblading successfully achieves.

This trending semi-permanent tattooing technique is especially beneficial to those that suffer from thinning eyebrows due to illness, genetic anomalies or over-plucking.

Los Angeles microblading is a rather new cosmetic tattooing service. Not only to the artists at Port City Tattoo, but to California in general. It is as an excellent alternative to permanent makeup techniques that have been around for a while now. The results provide a much fuller and natural appearance as opposed to the rigid lines permanent makeup delivers.

Modern Sterilization Methods | Los Angeles Microblading Specialists

Both of our Port City Tattoo locations use the most modern and up-to-date sterilization processes. The safety of our clients is of great importance to us, as well as our coveted tattooists. We go the extra mile to maintain a clean and safe work environment to create awe-inspiring art in. All you need to do is come in, get comfortable, get inspired and enjoy the process.

Port City Tattoo Los Angeles


Port City Tattoo has long been considered the best tattoo shop in Los Angeles as well as being hailed by OC Weekly as the “Best Tattoo Parlor in Orange County”. Nothing brings us greater pleasure than delivering the very best in tattooing services to all that visit our tattoo shop. We have to hand to the amazing Tattoo Artists that are part of our family here at Port City Tattoo Los Angeles. Without them we would not have been able to become such a fixture in Los Angeles and Orange County for superior tattooing services and  now microblading services. Port City has Los Angeles microblading professionals and tattoo artists from every walk of life that have mastered a wide variety of tattooing techniques. Visit the #1 Tattoo Shop in Los Angeles, convenient to all of Orange County.

Our dedication to quality tattooing is what continues to make us the best tattoo shop in Los Angeles. The only limitation is your imagination when you set foot in one of our two Port City Tattoo Shops. Our brilliant Port City Tattoo artists can provide you with any style of tattoo you can dream of. Port City Tattoo specializes in all forms of tattooing techniques at our Los Angeles Tattoo Shop. From discrete and simplistic tattoo designs, to jaw-dropping exotic tattoos that can cover a huge portion of your body, our Los Angeles tattoo artists have the ability to work with anyone on a wide variety of ideas and concepts.

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