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Port City Tattoo is hailed as the premiere Long Beach Tattoo shop where you can receive high-quality tattoos from worldly tattooists. Port City opened its Long Beach Tattoo Shop’s doors in April of 2012, continuing the timeless traditions of tattooing that made this area a landmark for tattoo enthusiasts for generations.

Long Beach Tattoo Shop

Shortly after making their mark as one of the best Long Beach Tattoo Parlors in the area, Port City Tattoo made their presence known with a new Costa Mesa location in August of 2014. Pairing modern techniques with traditional values, Port City Tattoo continues spreading their knowledge and love for tattooing to all of Orange County and throughout Southern California.

Port City Tattoo Artists make the experience.

long beach tattoo shop

Long Beach Tattoo Art

Both Port City’s Long Beach Tattoo Shop and the Costa Mesa location have an impressive stable of talented tattooists. It has always been our goal to make sure there is an eclectic blend of tattoo artists at our shops. We feel that tattooing is about diversity. Not only for the people who seek permanent body art to capture their individuality, but also in the detailed artistry of our tattooists.

We promote growth through expression, and encourage fresh concepts and ideas to flow freely through our shop. We also play host to visiting artists from around the world that contribute to our tasteful tapestry of influential tattoo design. We found that it further enhances the overall experience at Port City Tattoo to continually introduce new tattoo techniques and art forms, for both our clients and our tattooists.

Port City Tattoo named Best Tattoo Parlor in Orange County by OC Weekly.

We are proud to be crowned “Best Tattoo Parlor in Orange County” by the fine folks at OC Weekly. Nothing brings us greater joy, aside from pleased clients, than to be recognized for the art we pump out daily. Even more of a reason why visiting our Long Beach Tattoo Shop or our Costa Mesa Tattoo Parlor is a must when visiting Southern California.

Our Long Beach Tattoo Shop is all about Safety.

Aside from good times and exceptional tattoos, our Long Beach Tattoo Parlor is all about maintaining a safe and clean environment. Port City Tattoo is home to modern sterilization techniques that routinely ensure the safety of our coveted clients and the tattoo artists themselves.

Port City Long Beach Tattoo Parlor Services

Port City Tattoo can provide you with just about any kind of tattoo imaginable. From a smaller sized tattoo to an expansive exotic tattoo that covers a large portion of your body – If you can dream it, we can tattoo it. Our artists can work from a drawing or photograph of your own choosing, or you can tell our artists what you have in mind and they can sketch up a design for your approval. You can also look through our artist’s portfolios to see their tattoo designs while visiting the shop if you do not have a particular design in mind. Port City tattooists can also draw up a custom designed tattoo that will be unique only to you.

Long Beach, CA Tattoo History | Port City Tattoo  California 

Tattoos in the area were first made popular by sailors enlisted in the Navy that were stationed in Long Beach, CA. After being away from home for several months, sailors turned to collecting tattoos as a source of entertainment and also for bragging rights.  Tattoo artists were generally in demand in the area and several became a part of the most elite and talented artists in the industry.

Price Vs. Quality

While the amount of money that you spend on a tattoo is not going to automatically determine the quality, but it is pretty safe to say that if you get an inexpensive tattoo, more than likely it is going to look cheap.  Remember that your tattoo is permanent.  You will have it for a long time.  You don’t have to spend a fortune but a little extra expense on a quality tattoo artist will ensure that your new ink will be something you can display with pride.


We feel that tattooing is about diversity. Not only for the people who seek permanent body art to capture their individuality, but also in the detailed artistry of our tattooists.

Here are some of the techniques we offer at our Port City Long Beach Tattoo Shop

  • Geometric Tattoos
  • Sleeves
  • Abstract Tattoos
  • Asian Tattoos
  • Pirate Tattoos
  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Fine Line Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos
  • Bio-mechanical Tattoos
  • Religious Tattoos
  • Dot work Tattoo
  • Pointillism Tattoo
  • Stipple Tattoos
  • Sacred geometry tattoo
  • Mandala Tattoo
  • Haida Tattoos
  • Color Work Tattoos
  • Memorial Tattoos
  • Tribal Tattoo
  • Old School Tattoos
  • Realistic Tattoos
  • Portrait Tattoo
  • Cartoon Tattoos
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Samoan Tattoo
  • Horror Tattoos
  • Cover-up Tattoos
  • Scar Tattoos
  • Lettering Tattoos
  • Anigram Tattoos
  • White Ink Tattoos
  • Stippling Tattoos
  • Native American Tattoos
  • Animal Tattoo
  • Geisha Tattoos
  • Fantasy Tattoos
  • Skull Tattoos
  • Heart Tattoo
  • Dragon Tattoos
  • Ocean Tattoos
  • Wolf Tattoo
  • Script Tattoos
  • Flower Tattoos
  • Female/Pinup Tattoos