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Getting Your First Tattoo | Port City Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo can be a life changing experience and the beginning of a beautiful relationship with tattooing. For others it might be a single tattoo that has zero significance, other than you may like the way it looks. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some of the things to consider when getting your first tattoo.

The Pain Involved When Getting Your First Tattoo

One of the first and most frequently asked questions in a tattoo parlor is “Will it hurt?” While that question is somewhat difficult to answer because everyone has a different pain threshold, it is certain you will experience some discomfort when getting your first tattoo. There are different degrees of pain associated with where on your body you decide to get tattooed. Areas such as your feet and hands have more nerve endings than other parts of the body, resulting in that area being more sensitive during the tattooing process. Areas such as the feet and hands have a lot of nerve endings, so getting a tattoo there is probably going to be more uncomfortable.  Also getting tattooed on an area that is tender such as the inner thigh or over a bone, is going to hurt a bit more.  However in most cases it will probably hurt less than you think it will, so don’t allow your mind talk you out of going through with this life changing experience.

The Placement of Your New Ink 

Consider the placement of your first tattoo. While we at Port City Tattoo applaud anyone’s dedication and enthusiasm when starting on any tattooing adventure, we also are here to provide some basic sound advice. It may be wise to think long and hard about where on your body you’d like your ink placed, and more importantly, how large you’d like the tattoo to be. Important factors to take into consideration when getting your first tattoo may include your place of employment, family members or if you’re secure in having your new tattoo visible to the masses. Remember that this is only your first tattoo. You can always get more work done after you’ve become comfortable with the tattooing process and used to having permanent artwork on your skin for an extended period of time.

Give Your First Tattoo Some Thought

getting your first tattoo long beach

While you may want to get a tattoo, you may not have any idea of what you want.  Getting your first tattoo, or any tattoo, can be a really cool experience, but if you get something that you end up not liking, you either have to live with it forever or go through the process of having it removed.  Having a tattoo removed is a lot longer of a process. It hurts more and is very costly. That’s why it is recommended that you think long and hard about what your want when getting your first tattoo.

Most tattoo shops have images on their walls or in books of the work they have done.  Many times you can come up with some good ideas or find exactly what you want.  Consult with the tattoo artist as well.  They can be great resources for ideas and information.

Price Versus Quality

Being too thrifty when getting your first tattoo is ill-advised. While the amount of money that you spend on a tattoo is not going to automatically determine the quality, it does influence the outcome somewhat. It is pretty safe to say that if you get an inexpensive tattoo, it is likely that the clarity and detail of the tattoo may be lacking. Remember that your tattoo is permanent, you will have it for a very long time. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but a little extra money can afford you a quality artist that can ensure that your new ink will be something that you can display with pride for a lifetime.

Port City Tattoo Long Beach & Costa Mesa is home to a talented trove of tattooists from the world over. No matter what technique or art form you are seeking when getting your first tattoo, our tattoo artists will be able to deliver the highest quality tattoo imaginable, while still staying within your budget.

Come into Port City Tattoo Healthy and in Good Spirits.

Leave the alcoholic beverages behind when getting your first tattoo at Port City Tattoo Long Beach. We are a pack of tattooing professionals and would never steer you wrong, but being drunk when getting your first tattoo is highly discouraged. Impaired judgement + first tattoo = bad idea. It’s supposed to be a memorable and inspirational milestone in your life, so ensuring your memory of the event is intact will make your experience a full one.

Mentally prepare yourself. Come in our Long Beach or Costa Mesa tattoo shop with a decent meal in your belly and drink lots of water before your first tattooing session. Wear comfy clothes that will allow for easy access to the desired area you want to get tattooed. Clear your mind and enjoy the ride. We promise that your will thank us for this bit of advice.

How old do you have to be to get your first tattoo?

Well, according to California penal code 603, any person who tattoos or offers to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years is guilty of a misdemeanor. It also states that, “No piercing of nipples or genitalia, branding, tattooing, or permanent cosmetics for a minor regardless of parental consent.”


Getting your first tattoo can be a really great experience under the right circumstances.  Here at Port City Tattoo, our artists have been providing the highest quality tattooing services for customers in the Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California area.  Give us a call at 562-494-6800 to find out more information or to schedule an appointment.