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Flower Tattoos


Port City Tattoo is known for their diversity in style and techniques of tattooing. We are also widely revered for our exceptional Flower Tattoos and have perfected the art of this style of tattooing. From discrete and simplistic tattoo designs, to awe-inspiring flower tattoos that cover a huge portion of the body, our Orange County and Long Beach Tattoo Artists can work with you on any concept or idea.

Our highly talented staff at our Port City tattoo shops can reference a picture or drawing, or we can free-hand a custom sketch based on the description of tattoo you’re trying to go for. We also welcome all guests that visit our Port City Tattoo Shop to peruse our huge catalog of Artist Portfolios to see if something catches your eye.


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Port City Tattoo has two locations, our original tattoo shop in Long Beach and our sister tattoo shop in Costa Mesa. Both locations are convenient to all of Los Angeles county and Orange County. Travel a little further for the best that LA has to offer. You can’t let a thing like distance come between you and quality tattooing!!

Classic and sure to turn heads, Port City’s expertly inked Flower Tattoos have been around for a while and are thick with symbolism and meaning. As with any art form that has stood the test of time and culture, tattooing continues to evolve, but the basics remain the same. Port City Tattoo makes it a point to deliver the best Flower Tattoo designs in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Port City Flower Tattoos


Flower Tattoos Los Angeles

Flower Tattoo Art | Port City Tattooing

There are no shortage of flower tattoos out there today, in fact they are quite popular. They vary in meaning depending on culture, with the Japanese style of flower tattooing being the most common. Traditionally flower tattoos were thought of as more of a feminine tattoo, but just as with all things in tattoo culture, ideas change. As appreciation for flower tattoos grew the lines between what gender bared them seemed to disappear.

Here we cover some of the most popular of the flower tattoo designs out there and their meanings. It is important to recognize that while a flower tattoo’s meaning could mean one thing in Asian culture it could mean something quite different in South American culture for instance. It is always best to do thorough research so that when you do decide on what flower tattoo design to go with, you are sure of the meaning and significance.


Here are some popular flower tattoos that are solid designs for all ages.


1. Lotus Flower Tattoos


Flower Tattoos Orange County

Flower Tattoos Orange County | Port City Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoos are arguably the most popular flower tattoo out there today. They symbolize knowledge, understanding, enlightenment and life. Popular with both men and women, lotus flower tattoos are revered for their beauty and deep spiritual meaning. There are varying colors that hold significance when deciding upon a lotus flower tattoo design. White Lotus Flowers symbolize both mental and spiritual enlightenment. It also represents the purity of one’s very nature. It is considered the pinnacle of one’s achievements in Buddhism and has therefore been called the ‘Flower of Buddhas’. Blue Lotus Flowers represents mind over matter and overcoming temptations of the physical world. Knowledge, wisdom and intelligence are all powers symbolized within the blue lotus flower tattoo. Pink Lotus Flowers are the lotuses of the Buddha himself. They represent the history of Buddhism and is considered a highly spiritual symbol.

2. Cherry Blossom Tattoos


Common in Japanese Tattooing, the Cherry Blossom tattoo design often depicts petals falling and being carried away by the wind. In tattoo culture, the cherry blossom design represents the fragility of life, as well as representing mortality and beauty of life itself. 

3. Rose Tattoos


Rose tattoos are another wildly popular flower tattoo design. Rose Tattoo are not common in Eastern tattoo culture but are staples of the traditional tattoo movement in American. Generally regarded as meaning love, or beauty, due to these same qualities being associated with the flower itself, rose tattoos have a deeper meaning and a very long history in tattoo design and body art. Believed to symbolize balance, undying love and new beginnings, Rose Tattoos are forever engrained in music industry art, tattooing and fabrics. Adding the stem with thorns can provide additional, contrasting meaning  such as defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

Flower Tattoos in Orange County & Los Angeles

Our tattoo family is just as important to us as our beloved clients. That’s why Port City Tattoo goes above and beyond to only hire the very best tattooists from all over the world. Our expert tattoo artists each have over ten years of experience in a wide variety of tattooing techniques. Some of the styles of tattoos that we offer at Port City Tattoo include black and gray, portraits, Traditional  Tattoos, Flower Tattoos, Realistic Ink, Religious Tattoos, Japanese designs and lettering, Koi Fish, Sacred Geometry tattoos, amongst a catalog of others. We have a total of eight artists on staff at any given time. Come in and we’ll set you up with the artist that best compliments your style.

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All of Port City’s Flower tattoos deliver a unique look. Our Flower tattoos all hold significant meaning, which has made them the original elements of traditional tattoo art in the United States. Visit one of our award winning tattoo shops in Long Beach or Costa Mesa today and get inked by the best in the Southwest. 

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