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Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop


Port City Tattoo has long been considered one of the best tattoo shops in Huntington Beach by our loyal customers throughout Los Angeles and the OC. They make the drive because our tattooing services are high quality, versatile and visually stunning. We also have even been awarded “The Best Tattoo Shop in Orange County” by OC Weekly, and we couldn’t be more proud to uphold the title.

Our Port City Tattoo Shop in Costa Mesa is proud to extend our world-class tattooing services to our clients in Huntington Beach. A short 15 minute drive from Huntington Beach and you’ll find yourself at our Port City Costa Mesa Tattoo Shop. While there are tattoo studios in Huntington Beach, none can compare to the talent and expertise that is housed at Port City’s Costa Mesa Tattoo Parlor. We have found that having a wide range of style and tattooing techniques under one roof enhances the experience at our Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop. We welcome you to visit our shop in Costa Mesa, convenient to Huntington Beach, and allow one of our knowledgeable staff members assist in pairing you with an expert tattoo artist that best compliments your style and taste.

Location of Port City Tattoo


Located a mere 6 miles from Huntington Beach, Port City Tattoo’s Costa Mesa shop is convenient to all of Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. Travel a little further for the best tattoos that Orange County has to offer. For us, tattooing is about diversity and self-expression. Not only for the people who seek to get tattooed to capture their individuality, but also in the detailed artistry of the Port City tattoo artists. That’s what makes Port City one of the best tattoo shops in Huntington Beach and throughout Southern California.

Don’t let a thing like distance come between you and quality tattooing! 


Huntington Beach Tattoos


Best Tatto Shops in Huntington Beach
Best Tattoo Shops in Huntington Beach | Port City Tattooing
Best Tattoos in Huntington Beach
#1 Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop | Port City Tattooing

The scope of your imagination is your only limitation. Allow your creativity to flow freely at Port City Tattoo. The sky is the limit when designing your next tattoo piece. Our brilliant Port City Tattoo artists can assist in bringing your ideas to life. We can provide you with any style of tattoo you can dream up. Port City Tattoo specializes in all forms of tattooing techniques at our Huntington Beach Tattoo Parlor. From bold traditional tattoos, Japanese tattoo art, Polynesian Tattooing styles, to jaw-dropping exotic tattoos that cover a massive part of the body, our Huntington Beach tattoo artists have the ability to work with anyone on a wide variety of concepts and ideas.

Whether you are wanting to get a one-of-a-kind Koi Fish, Sacred Geometry Tattoo piece, a classic grayscale portrait or a delicate rose tattoo, the highly skilled tattooists at our tattoo shop in Huntington Beach can deliver perfection every time. Our Huntington Beach Tattoo artists can reference a drawing or photograph that you want to replicate or draw inspiration from, or we can free-hand a custom sketch based on your description of something you desire. You are also encouraged to flip through our Port City Tattoo Artist’s portfolios to see a body of their work and get an idea of what direction you’d like to go in.

Port City’s Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop has artists from every walk of life that individually have strengths in techniques that they have mastered over the years. All of our Tattoo Artists are capable of making any tattoo that you have in mind come to life. Collectively our Port City Tattoo family is a bright group of creative geniuses from all over. Visit our Costa Mesa Tattoo Studio, convenient to Huntington Beach, to experience the eclectic artistry of our talented tattooists.


The Artists | Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop


Port City Tattoo is selective when tapping new talent to join our tattooing family. Our tattooists are just as important to us as our loyal customers. It’s a family affair for sure. Our Huntington Tattoo Shop artists each have over ten years of experience in a wide variety of tattooing techniques. We have a total of 8 artists on staff at any given time for you to choose from. We will help you to select the artist whose talent best compliments the style of tattoo art that you are trying to achieve. Some of the styles of tattoos that we offer at Port City Tattoo include portraits, black and grey, traditional, realistic, lettering and Japanese designs, amongst a myriad of others.

If you are feeling adventurous and have a concept, but no visual aid to reference, one of our talented Huntington Beach Tattoo Artists can help you verbalize your idea and sketch it out for you. After we get the thumbs-up from you we will begin the exciting process of making it a permanent masterpiece. Get the artistry your body deserves, come to Port City Tattoo in Costa Mesa, convenient to Huntington Beach, CA.

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Global Influences in Tattooing


Port City Tattoo plays host to well known and globally recognized tattooists from across the globe. This melting pot of tattoo experts allows our clients the rare opportunity to get tattooed by an artist that has had experience in many styles of tattooing techniques that aren’t just confined to Orange County. Our collaboration with other tattoo artists from around the world also allows our on staff at our Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop to gain knowledge of different styles and techniques of tattooing as well. The limitless possibilities of tattoo art is realized by playing host to well-traveled artists. We welcome you to come experience the best tattooing in Huntington Beach, CA.

Modern Sterilization Methods | Huntington Beach Tattoos


The safety of our clients is of great importance to us, as well as our coveted tattooists. Both of our Port City Tattoo Shop locations use the most modern and up-to-date sterilization processes. Port City Tattoo goes the extra mile to maintain a clean and safe work environment to create awe-inspiring tattoo art in. All you need to do is show up, get comfortable, get inspired and enjoy the process.



Here are just some of the tattoo types and techniques we offer at one of the best tattoo shops in Huntington Beach

 American Traditional Tattoos • Old School Tattoo • Geometric Tattoos • Sleeves • Abstract Tattoos • Asian Tattoos • Pirate Tattoos • Black and Grey Tattoos • Fine Line Tattoos • Celtic Tattoos • Bio-mechanical Tattoos • Religious Tattoos • Dot work Tattoo • Pointillism Tattoo • Stipple Tattoos • Sacred geometry tattoo • Mandala Tattoo • Haida Tattoos • Color Work Tattoos • Memorial Tattoos • Tribal Tattoo • Old School Tattoos • Realistic Tattoos • Portrait Tattoo • Cartoon Tattoos • Tattoo Removal • Samoan Tattoo • Horror Tattoos • Cover-up Tattoos • Scar Tattoos • Lettering Tattoos • Ambigram Tattoos • White Ink Tattoos • Stippling Tattoos • Stippling Tattoos • Native American Tattoos • Animal Tattoo • Geisha Tattoos • Fantasy Tattoos • Skull Tattoos • Heart Tattoo • Dragon Tattoos • Ocean Tattoos • Wolf Tattoo •  Script Tattoos • Flower Tattoos • Female/Pinup Tattoos




Both our Long Beach location and our Costa Mesa Tattoo Parlor are home to an impressive stable of world-class tattoo artists. It has always been our goal to play home to an eclectic grouping of tattooists. We strive to be a Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop that provides our artists with an open forum where they can lend their many talents and worldly experience to create inspirational tattoos for each of our coveted clients. Port City’s Huntington Beach Tattoo Shop is all about providing an environment where everyone can create freely and express their love for tattoo art openly.